A great start to your child’s education, which will build the foundations of a happy and successful life…

It’s a big step to start at Nursery and an even bigger one to join a Reception class.  Our nurturing environment provides a stimulating, happy and relaxed atmosphere where the very youngest children immediately feel at home.  They make friends, enjoy themselves, and quickly start to learn and do amazing new things.

Our warm and friendly Early Years area is comfortable, bright, and well resourced, and the very large walled garden gives the children plenty of space to play happily in complete safety.

The team of well qualified and experienced staff completely understand the children, and everyone receives huge amounts of individual attention.

The curriculum includes group activities but also gives the children time and opportunities to become self-sufficient.  We develop a broad range of skills and abilities, and our aim is that the children should be able to progress through education happily and confidently, enjoying their time at school and discovering their talents, wherever they lie.

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As an integral part of the school, The Towers Nursery has access to our full resources and this means the children benefit from having access to some of our specialist staff and facilities.  As a result, they receive a particularly rich experience, and they also enjoy being part of our family-style community.

Naturally The Towers Nursery is registered with Ofsted who carry out regular inspections and ensure we adhere to the various statutory legal requirements.

The Nursery follows the national Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


In Reception we continue working within the same EYFS frameworks, but we quickly start to take our teaching beyond the basics.   The curriculum areas of learning are all interlinked so that children receive a fully integrated education.

Teaching works through play based activities and is related to the individual children and their own pace of development.  Each day includes individual learning as well as group activities, and of course there is great flexibility for the children to develop their particular skills and interests.   Click here for an example topic map.

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Personal, Social Health & Emotional Development

Children learn how to work, play and co-operate with others, including the development of self-esteem, personal values and an understanding of self and others.

Communication and Language

This focuses on children developing competence in understanding, language skills and communication skills such as talking and listening.

Physical Development

Our children learn to develop physical control, mobility, awareness of space and the ongoing development of fine and gross motor skills such as holding a pencil and using large play apparatus. Children will also be introduced to gymnastics, dance, games and swimming.

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The use of rhyming and phonic knowledge (first steps in learning to read) to promote the development of reading and mark writing (early writing).


We focus on achievement through practical activities and understanding mathematical language in the development of simple mathematical ideas. We also develop number recognition, counting, sums, shapes, measuring and exploring mathematical concepts such as height, size, and weight and sorting, grouping and matching patterns.

Understanding the World

This area of learning is very hands-on! It is based on the notion of exploring and discovering. This covers ICT, understanding culture, finding out about our world and beginning to think about the idea of old and new. We have daily access to a computer, interactive whiteboard and other programmable toys.


Expressive Arts and Design

The development of imagination and ability to express ideas and feelings in creative ways such as through art, music and movement. Children also have music lessons with Mrs Gray, our music teacher. This is also linked to literacy and children’s physical development.