This form should be completed and submitted to the Headmistress before the period of absence.

Absence Notification Form



1. This form is to be completed and forwarded to the Headmistress before the period of absence.
2. The Education Act 1996, Part VI, Chapter II.444 states as follows:

(i) If a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, her parent is guilty of an offence.
(ii) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.

3. The Secretary of States’ guidance on pupil attendance The Department for Education and Skills (DFES) circular no. 10/99 Revised Edition June 2004, is as follows regarding family holidays during term time:

Parents should not normally take pupils on holidays in term.
• Each request for holiday absence should be considered individually, taking account of: the age of the child; the time of year proposed for the trip; its nature and parental wishes; the overall attendance pattern of the pupil; the child’s stage of education and progress.
• If a school does not agree absence and the pupil goes on holiday, absence is unauthorised.
• If parents keep a child away for longer than was agreed, any extra time is recorded as unauthorised.
• Schools may delete from roll a pupil who fails to return within 10 school days of the agreed return date unless there is a good reason for the continued absence, such as illness.
• Schools should only, exceptionally, agree absence of more than 10 school days in a school year (and should not regard 10 days as the norm).